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Brakes & Clutches, Repairs & Replacement

Just like every other component on a car, they have wear and tear, sometimes we can adjust or repair them, and others there is no other alternative than to replace. One thing you can rest assured on is that Challenger Tyres of Plymouth has built over the last 31 years a reputation for being honest and giving impartial advice. If we can adjust your Brakes or Clutch without replacing then we will. If however, you did need to replace your Brakes or Clutch you can be assured that we offer the most competitive prices anywhere in Plymouth.

Free of Charge Brake Testing

With the constant application of brakes on today's overcrowded roads, the brakes on our cars can have tremendous demands on them. So for maximum safety and peace of mind it makes sense to have your brakes checked regularly. Stop by at Challenger Auto-centre and our fully trained brake specialists will be happy to provide you with a full brake inspection, completely free of charge.

Clutch testing, Clutch repair, Clutch replacement

We will always try to offer a same day service (subject to parts). We specialise in clutch testing, clutch repair, clutch replacement, gearbox testing, gearbox repair, gear replacement. We also offer an after care service on any clutch and gearbox work we have supplied the parts for and completed the fitting.

If you have already purchased replacement brakes or a clutch and just require them fitted, call us for a competitive quote.

Brakes repaired, Brakes Replaced, Clutches repaired and replaced Plymouth

Why choose us for Brakes & Clutches?

  • Quality Products and Competitive Prices

    Challenger Brake and Clutch Services pride ourselves on providing quality replacement parts at honest, no hidden extras plain to see competitive prices.

  • Full Range of Brakes and Clutches

    Everything from a family car, to a sports car, or high performance, modified, utility, 4x4, whatever the vehicle we fit brake discs that include wheel bearings, disc & drum combinations, clutch plates and complete clutches.

  • Brakes and Clutch Replacement for virtually any make or model of car

    Whatever the problem with your brakes or clutch you can rely on us for an efficient, highly effective repair, whether you need new brakes, brake pads or brake discs or clutch repairs or clutch replacement, please call for more details or a quotation.

Brakes repaired, Brakes Replaced, Clutches repaired and replaced Plymouth
If you would like a quote or have a question, please call us on Plymouth 01752 268 277